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Some of our clients

Some of our clients

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EuroEnergyJobs is a one stop shop to find candidates for jobs in Renewable energy, Energy Regulation, Engineering, Gas, Oil, Energy Policy, Geoscience, Geology, Academic and Research.  The site includes experts from all over Europe in Nuclear, Wind, Solar and Electricity, as well Gas and Oil, Biomass and any other energy source imaginable.

EuroEnergyJobs attracts thousands of candidates every week with skills ranging from engineering, scientific degrees over economics and legal regulation to communication and PR, all with experience ad interest in energy. Most of these candidates are educated to degree level and are highly mobile, the vast majority speak English plus often several other languages.

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In Summary

EuroEnergyJobs is a more focused site, reaching a higher number of qualified people on a regular basis and quickly.

Our audience has many:

  • Ambitious visitors looking for career opportunities in Renewable Energy and Energy Policy.
  • Users with university degrees in various energy fields such as Wind Energy, Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Energy Policy and Management.
  • Professionals that recommend EuroEnergyJobs to friends and colleagues.

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Testimonials of Successful Recruitment using EuroEnergyJobs

"We would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service, we have received a very positive response from the advert."
- Samantha Blyth, Ellwood Grant Effective Leadership Resourcing

"Thank you very much for posting our job advertisement on your website. It has been extremely useful for us, as we have received an impressive amount of applications." - Julie Heraud, HCL Consultants

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