Safeguards Technology Expert (P4)

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

Vienna, Austria

Main Purpose

Reporting to the Section Head, the Safeguards Technology Expert leverages his/her understanding of the various aspects of sensitive science and technology related to their area of expertise to deepen the IAEA's understanding of nuclear proliferation concerns related to both indigenous R&D and technology transfer and trading. He/she provides expertise in their field, evaluates related information and advises on verification of nuclear proliferation issues related to his/her expertise.


The Safeguards Technology Expert is (1) a specialist with knowledge of a specific field within the area of nuclear sciences and technology; (2) a contributor in the preparation and review of State evaluation reports as a technical expert; (3) an adviser to senior levels for consultations and investigations arising from ad hoc requests generated from headquarters and in-field; and (4) a liaison, as appropriate, with representatives of other safeguards divisions and other IAEA departments and Member States on issues of his/her expertise.

Functions/Key Results Expected

The Safeguards Technology Expert

  • Provides technical evaluation of State evaluation documents and in departmental working groups, preparing technical reports and advising on technology issues, as required.
  • Provides technical information and support for safeguards inspections, training, process development, equipment needs and information management.
  • Provides information for other Safeguards staff with respect to verification activities and to improve awareness of proliferation concerns.
  • Supports the development of evaluation methodologies related to the early detection of the possible misuse of nuclear material or technology through undeclared nuclear activities or related trade and activities of sensitive nuclear technology.
  • Reviews and evaluates the work with technical consultants on specific analytical and development projects.
  • Plans, implements and reports on verification activities at headquarters and in the field, when appropriate, providing technical evaluations of State-level safeguards approaches and measures in terms of their effectiveness.
  • Provides authoritative technical expertise and advice concerning nuclear proliferation issues and investigations on sensitive sciences and technology related to nuclear weapons research and development.

Competencies and Expertise

Core Competencies

Planning and Organizing

  • Plans and organizes his/her own work in support of achieving the team or Section’s priorities. Takes into account potential changes and proposes contingency plans.


  • Communicates orally and in writing in a clear, concise and impartial manner. Takes time to listen to and understand the perspectives of others and proposes solutions.

Achieving Results

  • Takes initiative in defining realistic outputs and clarifying roles, responsibilities and expected results in the context of the Department/Division’s programme. Evaluates his/her results realistically, drawing conclusions from lessons learned.
  • Teamwork Actively contributes to achieving team results. Supports team decisions.

Functional Competencies

Technical/scientific credibility

  • Ensures that work is in compliance with internationally accepted professional standards and scientific methods. Provides scientifically/technically accepted information that is credible and reliable.

Analytical thinking

  • Analyses information to identify cause and effect relationships and correlations. Identifies critical elements and assesses consequences of different courses of action and proposes solutions.

Knowledge sharing and learning

  • Actively seeks learning opportunities and actively shares knowledge and information with others; shares specialized knowledge, skills and learning from experience across different situations and contexts effectively.

Judgement/decision making

  • Consults with supervisor/manager and takes decisions in full compliance with the Agency’s regulations and rules. Makes decisions reflecting best practice and professional theories and standards.

Required Expertise


  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle/Nuclear Facilities.


  • Safeguards System, Advanced.

Qualifications, Experience and Language skills

Master's Degree - Nuclear science or engineering, chemistry, physics or electronics/instrumentation/computer science or related field supplemented by in-depth theoretical and practical training in areas relevant to safeguards.

  • At least 7 years of relevant experience in civilian or military nuclear industry, including experience in non-proliferation and extensive knowledge of proliferation issues.
  • Extensive experience in at least one of the following fields:
    • substantial elements of the nuclear fuel cycle with specific experience of science and technologies related to isotope separation, particularly with application to uranium enrichment at an R&D and industrial production scale;
    • sensitive science and technologies related to nuclear weapons research and development, including the design, manufacture, operation and procurement of goods or services related to nuclear weapons research;
    • nuclear procurement network analysis, with experience in investigations into nuclear proliferation activities being an advantage
    • nuclear or dual-use export/import controls, customs or law enforcement activities.
  • Proven experience in and knowledge of procedures for handling sensitive technical knowledge and issues on a State level.

Excellent oral and written command of English. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.

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